Natators Now Got Letters for Placing In Majority of Intercollegiate League Meets

Princeton has granted major-letter awards to members of the Tiger swim squad, according to Professor Burnham N. Dell, chairman of the University Council on Athletics.

Princeton's new rules provide a major letter for any natator who places first or second in a majority of the Eastern Intercollegiate Swimming League meets, one of which must be the Yale or Harvard meet.

Former Terms Restricted

The old regulations granted the major "P" only to men winning individual intercollegiate or N.C.A.A. championships, or to any man winning a place in a majority of league meets as a member of a league champion team, or to any man who has established an accepted world's record, either alone or as a member of a relay team.

Dell's announcement also provided for recognition of outstanding Freshman swimmers. The first-year man may win major numerals by placing first or second in all dual meets, in addition to the previous method of belonging to a Freshman intercollegiate champion relay team.