'41 Swimmers Hold Annual Intramural Championships

Whitney Wins Two First to Lead Field In Yardling Meet

With Bill Whitney garnering two first places, in the 200 free-style and the 150 medley, the Freshmen held their annual intramural swimming championships yesterday afternoon.

Because the events were closed to most Freshmen squad members, the times turned in were not of a distinguished nature; however, most of the Yardlings swam in more than one event. L. C. Jones took first in the 50, second in the 100, and third in the 200 free-style, while A. J. O'Connor won the 100 free-style in the slow time of 1:07, and took second in the 50.

J. W. Cooper took first in the 100 backstroke in the lethargic time of 1:21.4, taking also a second in the medley. Yardling Coach Lauri Petersen declared himself well satisfied with the results.