Win One Decision of Five in Dartmouth Invitational Tourney; Varsity H-Y-P Team Picked

Participating in a round-robin debate in the Dartmouth Invitational Debate Tournament against Dartmouth, Brown, Williams, Amherst, and Bates this weekend, a delegation from the Freshman Debating Team went down to defeat, winning but one decision out of five.

The question was: "Resolved, That this House favors the adoption of mandatory neutrality for all armed conflict arising outside the Western Hemisphere." The affirmative team, composed of Dewey K. Ziegler and George Minkin, won one decision and lost one; the negative, consisting of Frank B, Jourdan and Max D. Gaebler, lost three.

Meanwhile, after a series of elimination trials for places on the Harvard Varsity Debating Team in the H-Y-P debates, six successful candidates survived, according to Edward M. Rowe, '27, director.

John A. Sullivan, Jr., '38, Lawrence F. Ebb, '39, and Claudius J. Byrne, '40, will debate against Princeton in the Lowell House Common Room at 7:45 o'clock on April 29, while Phil C. Neal, '40, Donald McDonald, '39, and Malcolm R. Wilkie, '40, will face Yale at New Haven the same night.

The home team will oppose the proposition: "Resolved, That it is the moral obligation of every American citizen to fight in any war in which the United States may become involved, if called upon." The New Haven group will up hold the question. All men chosen for the regular teams will be awarded Coolidge Prize Medals.