Communist Issue of Fliers Comes in Conflict With Federal Postal Bureau

Crayton Says That Government Will Take Legal Action

The Young Communist League yesterday came into conflict with the Federal Government when they distributed fliers in House mailboxes in the early hours of the morning without paying the required one and one-half cent postage.

"We have a monopoly on mail distribution around here," Acting Postmaster Crayton told the CRIMSON yesterday afternoon, added that Communist headquarters in New York would be asked to pay the postage. Speaking for the Great White Father in Washington and postmasters the nation over, he expressed indignation at attempts to evade the postal regulations. Every flier found in mailboxes by postmen had been removed and was being held at the Brattle Square Post Office.

The circulars, illustrated only by a picture of a harrassed mother clutching a baby to her bosom, reminded the reader of "the shot heard round the world," and exhorted him to "burn up the wires with telegrams to your Congressmen" and demand that the "Rights of Labor" and "Human Brotherhood" be maintained.

The pamphlet concluded with a coupon that gave postal authorities their only clue to the identity of the culprits. In the form of an application for membership, the coupon instructed the reader to write to P. O. Box 28, Station D, New York City. The New York Post Office will find the names in which this box is held and take legal action to secure the postage due, Postmaster Crayton asserted.