H. D. C. Host to Cast of "The Women"

Actresses In All-Female Cast Tell H. D. C. Members About Road Production Of Hit

The Harvard Dramatic Club played host yesterday afternoon to the cast of "The Women," current Bostin stage hit, at a tea given in their honor at the Big Tree.

Miss Celeste Holm, the young lady of "The Women" who plays the part of the girl relegated daily to the difficult task of acting from a bath tub, told the CRIMSON "I was terribly nervous and embarrased at first, but I have gotten used to it. The only complaint I have to make with the part is that the water at time is very chilly."

There was a difference of opinion concerning Boston audiences. Miss Holm seemed to think that Boston audiences did not react very heartily to risque lines and she termed Bostonians "rather slow." Miss Buchanan, who takes the lead said that she was agreeably surprised how warm the audiences in the Hub were. "The audiences in San Francisco were the most appreciative," she added.

"It's Boring Without Men"

Miss Buchanan also disagreed with Miss Wilson as to whether an all female cast was desirable. They both agreed that it was definitely a novelty and would not be a permanent feature of the stage. Miss Buchanan declared, "It was rather boring to travel around without any men in the company." Miss Wilson, on the other hand, thought it was a great experience.

Miss Armar voiced her opinion on Harvard and its inmates. She said that she did not think the buildings were so new and well kept. As for Harvard men, she said; "They are much more sincere than I thought. I always believed that they were showy and false, but they are decidedly handsome and very pleasant."