Pitching Is Major Weakness of Second Place Crimson Nine---Ingalls Inactive

Mound Staff Not Up to Earlier Expectations as Curtiss, Healey Inconsistent

Pitching is apparently Coach Fred Mitchell's great need for the realization of a championship baseball team this year. With two victories and one defeat in league competition, the Crimson is in a second place tie with Yale behind Cornell with two wins.

Cornell's early jump into the lead has all the pickers open-mouthed. A year ago the Big Red ended the season in the cellar, but in its first two encounters this year defeated Yale, the defending champions by a 6-3 margin and then white-washed the second place Crimson nine 3-0.

How long the Ithacans will last is a question. In their two games the league leaders have garnered eight hits, but were victorious by dint of hurling masterpieces by Dodd and Stehnach.

Ingalls Still Inactive

The Crimson mound staff, on the other hand, has far from lived up to pre-season expectations. Ed Ingalls, for two years the mainstay of the Mitchell string, has yet to make a starting appearance on the slab. In addition to his old complaint, a trick knee, the veteran righthander has been bothered by a sore arm.

Although Slim Curtiss handed Navy a 7-4 setback during the spring trip and received credit for a 12-7 win over Penn, the tall Junior hurler has not been at top form lately. His slow ball has been cutting the batter too high, while his fast-ball has been dropping instead of the former jump.

Tom Healey's fast ball has been inconsistent to date. He is leading the circuit pitchers in strike-outs with 13, but against the Tigers was definitely off and batted from the mound. Although John Mahoney held B. U. to a stand-off, the veteran slow-ball artist can not be counted on as a consistent winner in Ivy competition.

With a team average of .317, the Crimson stands third in the league batting standings. After a poor start, Captain Ulysses Lupien staged a rapid come-back as the official season opened, leading the Crimson hitters with .462.

Lupe Tops

The Varsity leader and first-sacker also holds the circuit lead in runs batted in and is second only to Princeton's Ed Novak in total bases. In his Junior year, Lupe can be easily rated as the top first baseman in eastern college baseball.

Because his two additions to the outfield, Joe Soltz and Rud Hoye, have not been pounding the ball with the regularity expected nor in the clutches, Mitchell has revamped his batting order moving the newcomers down the list in favor of third baseman Dick Grondahl and second sacker Dave Shean who are now in positions 4 and 5 respectively.

As the season opened the veteran Paul Doyle jumped into an early lead for the catcher position as Bob Fulton, Yardling backstop of a year ago, slumped badly at the plate. Lately Fulton has improved greatly and in two appearances at the plate got a walk and a solid basehit. A natural receiver, Fulton is now slated to break into the starting lineup.