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Marking a change in the rules governing the summer athletic activities of members of varsity teams, the Athletic Committee has recently approved of a new interpretation which will permit Crimson team members to represent in athletic organizations for which they are working during the summer, providing they are performing definite jobs related to the business of the organization.

The new interpretation with regard to summer employment insofar as the employment is related to athletics is as follows:

"It is not at variance with the spirit of the rules regarding summer employment for a student, employed during the summer vacation by an organization not connected with the University, to represent such organization in any form of athletics, provided such student is engaged by the organization to perform definite work related to the business of the organization and is paid for such work at the usual and customary rates for that business."

Although the ruling allows any sports team member to engage in athletics under its provisions, the interpretation is primarily made for varsity baseball players, who heretofore have been almost excluded from playing any type of organized baseball during the summer vacation while some other eastern colleges have permitted their players to tie up with all types of summer teams.

The new rule does not however give an absolute free hand to Crimson athletes for the Athletic Committee stipulated that any person contemplating summer athletics must firs receive permission from the Director of Athletics.

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