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Thirty-seven doughty sons of Lowell invaded Soldiers Field yesterday after-noon to pile up 72 1/2 points to win the first annual octagonal House track meet. The Bellboys scored in every event to outdistance Eliot, second with 32 1/2 points, and Winthrop third with 28 points.

Kirkland was fourth, gaining 27 points, while Leverett was fifth with 24. Adams sixth with 18, Dudley seventh with 12, and Dunster last with nine points. Although the commuters entered only one man, Arnold Gale '40, they managed to escape being last by dint of Gale's two first in the discus and in the hammer. Ash Trope, of the Elephant delegation equaled Gale's high-score mark when he won the relevant and javelin.

"Outstanding Performance" by McClure

Mike Cohen and Dicky Dyer, of the Bellboys both scored 11 points, Cohen starring in the dashes and Dyer heaving the weights. What Coach Bill Neufeld called "the outstanding performance of the meet" was Jack McClure's 51.6 win in the Quarter for the Deacons, as Dave Gooder brought Lowell a second by a gallant home-stretch fight. Neufeld also declared himself well satisfied with the fact that 108 men participated out of which number 51 placed.

There were Varsity men competing, but not in their specialties. Footballer Mike Cohen was a powerhouse in the sprints and swimming captain Rusty Green hood toyed with the pole-vault and high-jump, getting fourth in the vault. Swimmers McKay and Barker, hoopsters Lowman and Sullivan, and a fair sprinkling of fencers and athletic secretaries were in the running all afternoon.

The summary:

100-Yard Dash-Won by M. L. Cohen '29 (Lowell); second-W. J. Clothier, 2nd '38 (Adams); third-C. L. Burwell '39 (Eliot); fourth-tie between J. Quattrone '40 (Lowell) and E. W. Reed '40 (Eliot). Time-10.4s.

220 Yard Dash-Won by J. D. J. K. Cook 38 (Dunster); second-M. L. Cohen '39 (Lowell); third-E. Sachs, Jr. '38 (Winthrop); fourth-S. M. Tonkonow '40 (Lowell); fifth-E. W. Reed '40 (Eliot). Time-23.9s.

120 Yard High Hurdles-Won by J. Quattrene '40 (Lowell); second-T. P. Robio '38 (Winthrop); third-R. B. Carlson '39 (Lowell); fourth-J. A. Rumsey (Loverett); fifth-P. R. Went-worth '39 (Kirkland). Time-16s.

220 Yard Low Hurdles-Won by T. P. Roble '38 (Winthrop); second-P. R. Wentworth '39 (Kirkland); third-J. Quattrone '40 (Lowell); fourth-C. L. Milton, Jr. '39 (Eliot); fifth-W. F. Pennebaker '40 (Leverett). Time-26.9s.

440 Yard Run-Won by J. F. McClure '39 (Kirkland); second-D. MacD. Gooder '39 (Lowell); third-F. L. Porter, Jr. '40 (Loverett); fourth-S. L. Madey '40 (Eliot); fifth-H. A. Hauck '38 (Adams). Time-51.6s.

880 Yard Run-Won by F. L. Porter, Jr. '40 (Leverett); second-H. Phippen '39 (Kirkland); third-R. E. White '39 (Lowell); fourth-L. H. Waterman '40 (Adams). Time-2m., 9.1s.

1 Mile Run-Won by D. R. Simbill '40 (Winthrop); second-H. Phippen '39 (Kirkland); third-D. H. Wilson '40 (Leverett); fourth-C. C. Marden '40 (Adams); fifth-R. F. Storey '40 (Lowell). Time-4m., 51s.

Pole Vault-Won by A. G. Trope ocC. (Eliot) 11 ft.: second-tie between S. L. Madey '40 (Eliot). A. B. Carlson '39 (Lowell), and E. R. Greenhood, Jr., '39 (Lowell) all at 10 ft., 8 in.: fifth-J. E. Jones, Jr. '38 (Kirkland) 9 ft.

High Jump-Won by D. H. Wilson '40 (Leverett) 5 ft., 8 in.; second-Q. W. Fick, Jr. '40 (Eliot) 5 ft., 6 in.: third-R. H. Sullivan '39 (Lowell) 5 ft., 4 in.: fourth-tie between G. F. Swift '39, (Eliot), L. A. Campbell '39 (Kirkland) and H. K. Westheimer '40 (Eliot) 5 ft., 2 in.

Broad Jump--Won by J. E. Jones '38 (Kirkland) 18 ft., 11 in.; second--D. M. Hume '40 (Lowell) 18 ft., 8 1/4 in.; third--R. H. Sullivan '39 (Lowell) 18 ft., 7 1/2 in.; fourth--C. W. Kluber '38 (Lowell) 18 ft., 4 1/2 in.; fifth--P. E. Morgan '39 (Eliot) 18 ft., 2 in.

Shot Put (12 Pound)--Won by C. D. Dyer, 3rd '39 (Lowell) 45 ft., 10 1/2 in.; second--R. C. Downes '38 (Winthrop) 44 rt., 9 in.; third--J. G. Tucker '40 (Leverett) 44 ft., 6 1/2 in.; fourth--B. G. Ferris '40 (Winthrop) 44 ft., 2 5/3 in.; fifth--W. T. Ray '39 (Eliot) 43 ft., 2 1/4 in.

Discus Throw--Won by A. S. Gale '40 (Dudley) 114 ft., 2 3/4 in.; second--C. D. Dyer, 3rd '39 (Lowell) 108 ft., 8 in.; third--R. S. Carroll '40 (Lowell) 108 ft., 5 in.; fourth--H. Call '39 (Lowell) 100 ft., 8 1/4 in.; fifth--C. D. Ruch '38 (Adams) 100 ft., 6 in.

Javelin Throw-Won by A. G. Trope ocC (Eliot) 158 ft., 2 in.; second--P. M. Glendinning '39 (Lowell) 151 ft., 1 in.; third--W. D. Riddle '40 (Dunster) 150 ft., 5 1/2 in.; fourth--C. D. Ruch '38 (Adams) 145 ft., 8 in; fifth-M. L. Cohen '39 (Lowell) 135 ft., 7 1/2 in.

Hammer Throw (12 Pounds)--Won by A. S. Gale '40 (Dudley) 155 ft., 5 in.; second--C. D. Ruch '38 (Adams) 145 ft.; third--E. P. Roberts '40 (Winthrop) 124 ft., 9 1/2 in.; fourth--R. Pierce '39 (Adams) 112 ft., 1 in.; fifth--C. D. Dyer, 3rd '39 (Lowell) 106 ft., 8 in

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