Yard Listeners Dash For Shelter When Rain Soaks Widener Concert

Glee Club Closes Spring Series Under Library Portico

Speetators dashed for cover while the Glee Club looked on from the safety of the Widener portico when clouds burst over the final Yard concert of this season last night.

Dark clouds came over the elms in the middle of the program, distracting attention from "Tarantella" by Randall Thompson '20, as spectators cast apprehensive eyes toward the sky.

Wise undergraduates, remembering May 11, rushed up the steps for shelter, while the general public remained star-scattered on the grass. Irving G. Fine 1G, conductor, saved the day for Harvard by hurriedly cancelling the last three numbers and inviting all members of the university onto the steps to join in the college songs. Mindful of the downpour which waterlogged the ivories two weeks ago, Glee Club members carried the piano to safety.

The strains of "Up the Street" were swelling across to the Memorial Church when the cloudburst struck with a rush and roar that sent the gaily-dressed listeners scurrying for the nearest cover.