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After eleven long and weary years of football practices have passed, Harvard will discover that exactly two and five-eighths days have been added to the average fall practice by the new starting date rule. At the present time, these inoffensive two and five-eights days are calling University presidents and sports editors to battle, causing them to fling weighty arguments in praise or damnation.

Harvard, we would be led to believe, regards these few days as the solution for a winning team, the difference between one wooed by the Rose Bowl and one which cannot win a major game. In addition, she believes that they will provide just that margin necessary to whip the boys into such superlative condition that innumerable broken arms and bruised toes will be prevented.

Yale, however, shows her true-blue colors and remains lily white. Scorning these wicked temptations, she remains standing 'neath the banners of amateurism and the hundred thousand dollar oil broadcast. Harvard and Princeton may desert to the armies of rank professionals: but she, for one, will not place the tremendous over-emphasis on football which the extra days entail.

But noe of these arguments can satisfactorily answer the poser of that two and five-eights. The fact is that Harvard and Princeton have made a laudable effort to pierce the hypocritical cloak enveloping the gridiron openings. Yale has refused. The Elis will quietly continue their pre-season conditioners at Gales Ferry prior to the opening date they recognize.

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