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115 Men Get $63,350 Worth of '38-'39 Graduate Scholarships


One hundred and fifteen scholarships and fellowships totaling $63,50 for graduate study at the University during the next academic year, were announced today. The awards and recipients are as follows:

Anna C. Ames memorial scholarship, Arden Howell Jr., assistant in Biology. Anna C. Ames scholarship, Donovan S. Cornell, Duke University. Anna C. Ames tuition scholarship, Richard E. Schultes 1G. Austin fellowships to: John B. Christopher 3G, Malcolm E. Cross 1G, Herbert M. Irwin Jr., '37, University of Illinois, Andrew O. Jaszi, Oberlin College. John A. Lester Jr., Haverford. Mourice Matloff 2G. Herbert M. Spiro, University of California. Wallace A. Sprague, Oberlin College. Heinz Thannhauser, University of Cambridge, England. Robin M. Williams, North Carolina Agricultural Station. Benjamin M. Woodbridge Jr. 2G.

Austin Fellowships

Edward Austin fellowships to: Howard F. Bennett 1G & G. Ed. John T. Black, Sorbonne, Paris. Harold W. Davey 2G. Bayard Cutting Fellowship for Research in Physics, Ivan A. Getting, Junior Fellow. George and Martha Derby scholarship, George F. Cronkhite '38. Du Pont fellowship, Willard Weaver Ransom, 3G. George H. Emerson-scholarships to: Saul G. Cohen, 1G. John B. Lyons, '38, Edmund W. Sinnott Jr. '38, Ralph I. Smith '38. Charles Haven Goodwin scholarship, Allen R. Hyde 2G. Ozias Goodwin memorial fellowship, Harvey S. Perloff 2G. William Watson Goodwin, fellowships to: Albert H. Travis 2G, Frederic Peachy 2G. Harris fellowship, Lawrence W. Newton, University of Wichita. Priscilla Clark Hodges scholarship, Vincent G. Dethier 2G. Albert and Anna Howard fellowship, John R. Grant 2G. John Thornton Kirkland fellowship, Baranby C. Keeney 2G. Henry Lee memorial fellowship, Daniel C. Vandermeulen 2G.

Parkman Fellowship

Arthur Lehman fellowships to: Sidney S. Alexander 1G, Milton Crane, Columbia University. Robert Galambos 1G, John S. Harding, University of Minnesota. George W. Mackey, Rice Institute. Forris Jewett Moore scholarship Frederick C. Novello '38. Elkan Naumberg fellowship, Arnold Elston 1G. Robert Treat Paine fellowship, Robert E. Olson, Columbia University. Francis Parkman fellowship, Peter Viereck '37, Oxford University, England. James Mills Pierce scholarship and University fellowship, Edwin N. Nilson 1G. Rantoul scholarship, Donald W. Fiske 1G. James Rogers Rich scholarship, George C. Bright, Brown University. Henry Bromfield Rogers memorial fellowship and University fellowship, Arthur K. Van W. Ogden 1G.

Edward Russell scholarship, Jacob Freedman, University of New Hampshire. Sachs research fellowship, George S. Vickers 2G. Leverett Saltonstall scholarship, Robert C. Jones 1G. Ralph Sanger scholarships to: Peter G. R. Campbell 1G, Robert B. Pegram Jr., 1G, Walter B. Rideout, Colby College, Arthur J. Watzinger 1G. James Savage scholarship, David G. Williams, 1G, George William Sawin fellowship and University fellowship, Maurice B. Heins. Philip H. Sears scholarship, David Savan 1G. Shattuck scholaships to: William M. Doerflinger, Columbia. Paul E. Guenther 1G, Jesse F. King 3G.

University Awards

Thayer fellowships to: Paul L. Richard 3G, Willard A. Smith 1G. Thayer scholarships to: Sidney W. Benson, Columbia University John C. Greene, University of South Dakota. William S. Johnson 1G. Thomas R. Steadman 1G. Gorham Thomas scholarship, Herbert W. Crispin. Townsend scholarships to: Laurence L. Barber Jr. 1G, Bernard S. Lynn, Stanford University, Donald T. MacRae, Dunlap Observatory. John Tyndall scholarship, Henry Hurwitz Jr. Cornell University.

University fellowships to: Josef Alexander '38, Theodore L. Agnew Jr., University of Illinois. Henry D. Aiken 1G, John Ashmead Jr. '38 James R. Balsley Jr., California Institute of Technology. Roger S. Bender 2G, Francis G. Blake Jr. '38 William H. Bond 1G, Halvor N. Christensen 1G, Arthur LeR. Cohen 1G, I Bernard Cohen 1G, Francis M. Cresson Jr., University of Pennsylvania Museum. Francis S. Doody, Tufts College. Avran Douglis, University of Chicago. Charles W. Dunn, McMaster University, Ontario. Gwynne B. Evans 1G, Mackarness H. Goode, Culver Military Academy.

John D. Hadsell, Norman, Okla.; University of Oklahoma. Rolf N. B. Haugen, University of Minnesota. Everett R. Johnson, Rockfeller Institute. Luna B. Leopold 1G, Willard D. Lewis '35, John Lydenberg 2G. Kenneth MacLeish '38, John K. Musgrave Jr. 2G, John F. Ohl, G.Ed., Charles E. Passage 1G. Charles M. Rick Jr. 1G, Rochester R. Roby, Wilfrid S. Sellars 1G, Reuben E. Slesinger, University of Pittsburgh. Arthur Szathmary 1G, Theodore H. White '38 Francis J. Whitfield, '37 Harold Winkler, University of Chicago. Robert A. Winters 1G, Gilbert F. Woods Jr. 3G.

Wales scholarship, James B. Ford 2G, James Walker fellowship, Arthur F. Smullyan 1G, Christopher M. Weld scholarship, William S. McCauley, Fletcher School. Whiting fellowships to: Alfred H. Kettler, University of Texas. Wayne L. Lees 1G. Willard scholarship, Richard Ballinger, University of Texas. Jay Backus Woodworth fellowship, Ernest E. Wahlstrom, University of Colorado.

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