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Committee Scores Humanitarianism of Harvard Donators to Loyalists; Drive for Second Democratic Ambulance Will Continue to Wednesday


As announcement came last night of the prolonging of the drive for a second ambulance for Loyalist Spain, news was received of the formation of a committee of undergraduates to consider a campaign for a fund to send an ambulance to the Spanish Insurgents.

In a general announcement of its plan, the committee, which chooses to remain anonymous for the present, issued a ringing challenge to the sincerity of the Democratic alms-givers and to the wisdom of the University in allowing itself to be represented as interested or involved in one side against the other in Iberia.

While the latest comers on the Harvard battlefield did their fulminating, the local committee of the Medical Bureau to Aid Spanish Democracy quietly told the story of its progress towards a second mercy cart.

Shapiro Describes Purchase

First, the decision was reached Saturday to continue the drive through Wednesday, concentrating on the Graduate School and Radcliffe. Second, acting chairman Carl B. Shapiro '38 described the contemplated purchase.

A lighter "carry-all" will be obtained to supplement the heavier ambulance purchased last year. "This machine darts onto the battlefield, picks up the less seriously wounded, and carries them back to the medical unit, while the heavier vehicle is reserved for those with hurts so serious that such hurried trips in a light truck might have fatal effects."

The Harvard committee will also request that the second ambulance be attached to "one of the medical units in Barcelona, or some other large city, where it will be used to give succor to those injured in air raids. Because it can travel at a greater rate of speed and can hold more persons, it has been found that a vehicle such as is contemplated is more satisfactory, than a regulation ambulance in afflicted areas."

Smaller Amount Collected

In the third place, the committee last night explained why a smaller amount has been collected this year than last.

More undergraduates have contributed, but the size of their gifts is smaller. "There has been no organized solicitation from students, since the committee thought that voluntary gifts were more in the spirit of such a charitable drive; no money was raised in the Medical School since they carried on an independent campaign a few months ago."

"There have been no general meetings at which money was raised because of University regulations, and no attempt was made to reach persons not connected with the University," since it was preferred "to have this purely a Harvard ambulance."

Pro-Insurgent Statement

The statement of the Committee to Aid Spanish Insurgency follows:

"There is no reason on earth why a man or a body of men should not contribute of its money or of its life to support a cause or to support a corner of humanity. But theirs is no right to cause other men to smart under the burden of their hypocrisy.

"The men who are raising funds to send 'another' ambulance to Loyalist Spain say they do so in a humanitarian cause. Yet this they do not do, for their humanitarianism is only towards the one side in a fratricidal struggle.

"If they wish to aid Red Spain, let them go outwardly to the support of Red Spain with money for arms.

"These men have further no right to imply that Harvard is not a neutral in the struggle, to imply that Harvard is in fact actually aiding the Loyalists.

"Twice now have they done this. Giving their money as individuals, they have by their placards, the name of their committee, and the markings on their ambulance told the world that under the guise of humanitarianism Harvard as a whole is giving sympathy and material assistance to one belligerent Spain against the other.

Harvard Copyright

"The word Harvard is copyrighted. It cannot indiscriminately be assumed and used to stand for the whole community.

"Now they have collected their money. Let them send their ambulance overseas. We will collect money; we will send an ambulance to the other side. It will be marked in the Spanish language so that the recipients of our charity may know their benefactors.

"And now every man, woman, and child in Harvard will give money. Now they are the humanitarians. Now Harvard shall in faith have sent an ambulance to Spain when it shall have sent one to each side.

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