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By Staff Correspondent

If you go around among the Varsity football coaches or players these days, you are more than likely to hear on all sides the remark, "the team we are most afraid of is Brown."

Of course, this can be taken with a touch of salt. But nevertheless, Brown is a tough opener in any league. Also this is the last year the Crimson will play Brown for a time at least, and that will tend to make the Bruins extra gruff about the whole thing.

Brown Backs Tough

Tuss McLaughry, Brown coach, will bring a fairly well rounded aggregation to the Stadium. His backfield is undoubtedly much stronger than his line. The starting backs will be John McLaughry at quarterback, Irving Hall at fullback, and Larry Atwell and John O'Leary, halfbacks.

McLaughry, besides the fact that he is the son of the boss, is a 200-pound bucking back of real ability on the offense, but his defensive qualities re-is, according to Providence authorities, main questionable. O'Leary, however, a regular Clint Frank on defense.

Irving Hall, 195-pound six-footer, and Captain Larry Atwell, 185-pound triple threat, will be the Bear's big claws offensively. Hall ran wild against the Brown scrubs a couple of days ago, while Atwell's chef d'oeuvre is his quick kicking.

The Bruin ends, John Prodgers, 168 pounds, and Joseph Finkelstein, 187 pounds, are reputed to be fast, able blockers, but Harlow's Bob Green and Don Daughters should have no trouble is keeping the defensive balance far on Harvard's side, as far as the flanks are concerned.

Crimson Has Line Advantage

It is from tackle to tackle, however, wherein lies the Crimson's real superiority. The visitors' center, Tom Carey, is at best erratic with his passes and hardly measures up to Harlow's Tim Russell. The guards also, Spencer Manrodt at left, and George Mawhinney at right, are only average.

The Brown tackle situation is desperate. Late tackle George Larkowich and right tackle Donald McNeil weigh about 200 but otherwise must be classed as inexperienced, though they are not sophomores. If Harvard's off tackle spinners do not click, then this writer for one will be surprised.

McLaughry has said that he will concentrate his defensive drills against Harlow's passes and open football, but it seems more likely that Harvard will pull through without using much razzle-dazzle and relying mainly on straight line crushing. Harlow is not anxious to demonstrate too much trickery for the benefit of Cornell, Army, and Dartmouth scouts, who will unquestionable appear in force.

The Bruin coach said yesterday that "Harvard will have to score three touchdowns to beat us". Well, that does not seem too improbable, Mr. McLaughry.

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