Crimson Hoopmen Tangle With Indians; Swimmers Meet Strong Bruin Natators

Star-Studded Bruins Threaten Determined Crimson--'42 Mermen Meet Brown

PROVIDENCE, R. I. Jan, 17 (ILNC) Fresh from a 49 to 26 triumph over Dartmouth, the Brown varsity swim squad reputed to be the best in years, faces Harvard tomorrow night in what promises to be a very close contest.

The Bruins are depending on Bob Schaper, captain of last year's Freshman squad, in the sprints, Matt Soltysiak, the greatest all-around swimmer in Brown's history, in the breastroke or free-style, and Bud Wilcox, New England record-holder in the 150 yard backstroke, in the dorsal events.

Gibbons Good In Distances

Supporting these stellar performers will be Captain Em Walker, who won the 150 back against Dartmouth when Wilcox was sick, George Gibbons, sophomore distance man with much promise, Bill McCullough, veteran breastroker, Holmes Wilson, diver, and Art doherty, distance man. From these men the Cantabs will get the most competition.

The Brown Freshmen, who meet the Harvard Yearlings in the prelims, are considerably weakened by scholastic ineligibilities, and no cub of unusual promise has turned up.

Coach Leo Barry brings a squad of potent Bruins to Cambridge at 8:30 o'clock this evening in an attempt to submerge for the first time a team schooled by Harvard's Hal Ulen. Although they have competed in but one meet this season the Rhode Islanders are known to be strong enough to extend the Crimson swimmers to the limit, if not prevail over them.

Sports commentators have ranked the Brown tankmen on a par with the Ulenmen and point to the Bruins' two speed kings, Matt Soltysiak and Bob schaper as convincing reasons why Harvard may not extend its consecutive victories to 29. Soltysiak defeated Dario Berizzi '38 last year in the 200 breastroke in 2.31, a time which Max Kraus, present breastroker, cannot hope to equal. The Providence swimmer is also good for under 2:20 in the 220, and is sure to place in any other freestyle event.

Schaper Outstanding Sprint Man

Schaper, sophomore sprinter, starred against Dartmouth last week, winning the 50 and 100 in 24 flat and 55.1 respectively, times which Lonnie and Harley Stowell, Crimson sprinters, have not equaled so far. Former intercollegiate record-holder Graham Cummin '38 was pressed to the limit last year by Bud Wilcox, Bruin backstroker. He is known to be good for just under 1:40 in the 150-yard event, so Art Bosworth will have to swim his best time ever in order to keep up.

Bosworth may forego the medley and swim the 50 to give Harvard muchneeded strength in the sprints, but just how Coach Ulen will shuffic his men will not be known until the men are called for their respective events, Lopey Forbush will assist Captain Rusty Greenhood in the dive and the two ought to sweep their event, while Ed Hewitt will be given the call over Bob White to swim with Eric Cutler in the 440.

Jack Waldren, who has excelled in practice recently, has nosed out Phil Walker and Roger Wilcox for the hotly contested No. 2 breastroke post. Cutler and Frannie Powers will probably swim the 220 together, for Ulen must garner every point possible before the slaughter begins in the back and breast strokes. Although he can put a better 400 relay on the mark than can Brown, Harvard's saturnine sage does not want the seven-point last event to decide the meet, preferring, if he can, to gain enough tallies by seconds and thirds and by a possible six points in the quarter to clinch the contest.

Bruin Freshmen Tackle Yardlings

The question of who will take the Freshman meet which starts at 7:30 o'clock is a hard one to settle. The Brown correspondent lays claim to a very weak '42 team but then Yardling Coach Pete Petersen's squad is still in the undeveloped class as well.