Propaganda Not Prevalent, Poll of Students Reports

Communist and Fascist Doctrines Spread Most in East Central, Atlantic States

AUSTIN, Tex., Jan. 8--Communist, socialist, and fascist propaganda among college students is being felt mainly in the East Central and Middle Atlantic states as shown by a nation-wide poll taken by the Student Opinion Surveys of America.

The committee questioned professors of a New York college and other witnesses when it directed its search for propaganda to the college and university ranks of the nation. What those people have seen and heard went into the record--but what about the views of the students themselves?

The student Opinion Surveys of America for the first time point out what the collegians have to say in all sections of the country. Although when the results are taken nationally one student in every ten says there has been some attempt to influence him, the poll reveals that student bodies in the West and South are very seldom approached with such propaganda.

A staff of interviewers have asked this question to a carefully selected cross-section of students of all descriptions: "Has any attempt been made on your campus to influence you with communism, socialism, or fascism?" By geographical sections, they have answered: Yes  No New England  8.2%  91.8% Middle Atlantic  19.5%  80.5% East Central  12.2%  87.8% West Central  4.2%  95.8% Southern  5.2%  94.8% Far Western  5.8%  94.2%