A strong Dudley team came through in the pinches yesterday afternoon to hand a 12-0 beating to the Adams eleven, while Lowell although outgained on the ground and in the air, took a close contest from Eliot, 6-0, on one long run.

Dudley looked extremely impressive in taking the Gold Coasters, who last Friday beat Eliot by almost the same score on whose short end they finished yesterday.

Score On Pass

The first score came in the second quarter when Morry Halperin flipped a twenty yard pass to left end Mel Avergun for a touchdown. The try for point was blocked.

The most thrilling play of the day came in the third period when Halperin, behind perfect blocking, took the ball on an off-tackle slant, cut back twice and finished up a 60 yard run over the goal line.

Adams Threatens

Adams came close enough to worry the Commuters in the final frame when, with three minutes to go, Chub Lee, backfield ace, returned a punt 25 yards to the Dudley three yard stripe. At that point the Dudley line stiffened and threw back the Gold Coasters. Bill Healey, star tackle as well as a dependable punter, kicked out of danger, and before Adams could attack again the game was over.

Halperin, star of both Dudley scores, was a backfield in himself throughout the game, and was the outstanding figure in either game of the day. Larry Waterman, Chub Lee, and "Lucky" Alexis, backfield flash, were the stellar players on the Adams team.

Blotner Scores on Punt

Lowell's score came when an Eliot punt traveled low and fast into the arms of Norm Blotner, Ballboy backfield threat, who started fast, eluded the Elephant ends, and crossed the 25 yards between him and the goal line after an exhibition of twisting and reversing in which not a single Eliot man touched him.

Eliot's serial attack with Bob Russell on the throwing end, Fred Pops on the receiving and Don Brew on both ends at one time or another, clicked for the second time in two games, but for the second time it was not quite good enough to score. Ned Reed, versatile athletic star, also caught a pass.

Lowell's defense was not as effective on the whole as it was Friday in their heart-breaking defeat by Winthrop, but in the clutches the line, paced by Dean Morse and Mac Thurston and backed up by Line Clark, stopped the slashing Eliot attack cold.

The Merrimen out gained the Bellboys by nearly two or one. Outstanding star on the ground was Bob Russell, as effective a ground-gainer as there is in the league. Graham Riaine, chunky guard, paced the defense.

Lowell was unable to get an attack that clicked for the second time in a row. The Bellboy backs are light and inexperienced and have not practiced together enough as a unit to gain ground consistently