Harlow Changes Three Squad Posts; First Team Unaltered

Vander Eb Replaces Lyman, Who Goes to Center; Hallett Sent To Tackle Berth

On the basis of Saturday's game and the subsequent movies and pondering, Dick Harlow yesterday made three important changes is squad positions, but did not alter the first team lineup.

First he shifted Art Lyman from blocking back to center on the second eleven in order to afford game relief for Burgy Ayres, who was forced to go 60 minutes in the Bates encounter. And as a counterpart to that move, Hank Vander Eb went back to Lyman's backfield post after a short stay at end.

Sargeant Best Lineman Saturday

Expressing confidence in Ernie Sargeant, whom he ranked as the best lineman on the field Saturday, Harlow re-shifted Moses Hallett to tackle. For the past ten days Hallett has been alternating with Sargeant; he now returns as Tom Healey's substitute.

With the exception of these three positions, Harlow is temporarily not on his Hueups. Pete Elner's chances of breaking into the starting lineup recorded after the coaching staff had noted in the movies of Saturday's game that Vern Miller had played dependable and at times spectacular ball against Bates.

However, other lineup switches were felt imminent, if not before the Chicago game. Jim Devine and Bartow Kelly are still fighting for the right end berth. And Gone Lovett, now recovered from a slight injury, will be well up in that controversy.

At left guard, Don Lowry still holds the upper hand, but Endicott Peabody isn't far behind and in coming closer by leaps and bounds. Of course, Torbie Macdonald will replace Fran Lee as starting tallback against Chicago.]

And in preparation for that Chicago game, the Varsity yesterday defended against Chicago plays. From Arnie Horween a week ago and from Floyd Stahl yesterday, Harlow heard the sad news that Chicago in its first two games is not the easy package of last year.

Chicago No Cinch

In fact, both scouts related that Chicago in unimpressive scoring games put on a passing offense that will be hard to stop. Harvard's pass defense Saturday was decidedly weak, and the team will undoubtedly be drilled on that phase this week.

Barring unexpected injuries in practices, Harvard will have every man ready for the Maroon next Saturday with the exception of an end, Joe Koufman, who is still bothered by an injury of last week.

Scrimmage Today

This afternoon Harlow will run his Red squad through a brisk scrimmage. Contact work and experience go hand in hand, and the Crimson displayed Saturday a need for considerable seasoning before opening with Ivy League teams.

Tom Healy and Charley Spreyer were excused from yesterday's practice session. Torbie continued to jog and probably will stay out of today's scrimmage, along with Lovett.

The A team lineup: MacKinney, l.e., Miller, l.t., Lowry, l.g., Ayres, c., Sargeant, r.g., Gardiner, r.t., Devine, (Kelly) r.e., Coleman, q.b., Lee, h.b., Gardella, h.b., Brown, f.b.

The B team: Downing,l.e., Elser, l.t., Peabody, l.g., Grover (Lyman) c., Pfister, rg., Hallet, r.t.,Haydock, r.e., Curtis, q.b., Buckley, h.b, Heiden, h.b., James, f.b.