Music Department Opens New Course Featuring Stradivarius String Quartet

Famous Quartet Plans Series of public Concerts Here Each Month During Year.

Dr. Wolfe Wolfinsohn, a member of the Stradivarius Quartet of New York, announced yesterday that the University has inaugurated a new course on the history of chamber music. The celebrated first violinist declared that it will be the first course of its kind ever given in an American university.

The course will consist of series of illustrated lectures at which the members of the Quarter will speak, tracing the rise of the string quartet and of chamber music from Haydn up to the present time. The first lecture tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock will begin a series of twenty-four weakly lectures that will go on until January, when the quartet is planning to make a tour of the Pacific Coast, but will be resumed again in February.

It is also planning to give monthly concerts in the Fogg and Germanic Museums and in addition several concerts in the houses although the dates for the House concerts have not been definitely get. "The playing of chamber music should be encouraged among the students who care about good music. Nothing is more rewarding than this accomplishment," stated Dr. Wolfinson.

The Stradivarius group has spent the last four years making a tour of many American universities both in this part of the country and in the west, and has built up a large following both in the United States and Europe.