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Allport Joins Society For Psych. Study of Social Issues

Psychologists tell us that war, depression, crime, labor troubles, and race prejudice have their roots in mental processes. But they have been loath to apply their convictions to the correction of social error. Rather they have chosen to measure intelligence, the speed with which rats learn how to thread a maze in order to reach food and the like.

Now for the first time it appears as if this ancient policy were to be modified.

Allport Charter Member

Gordon W. Allport '19, associate professor of Psychology and Tutor in the Division of Philosophy and Psychology, has become one of the charter members of the organization which now numbers around 400.

The organization was prompted to take action because of the dictation to which science is subjected in totalitarian countries, because of the evil of race prejudice, and because of the effect of the depression in throwing professional psychologists out of employment.


"No matter what happens to the social system or economy of a nation," says its prospectus, "there will always be 'social issues' of some sort, and a scientific attack on them is probably the most intelligent method of attempting to deal with these problems."