To the Editor of the Crimson:

The YCL proclamation has one objective: to gain Harvard support for the Russian position. After elaborating Russia's reasons for her attack on Finland, the proclamation adds a brief suggestion that Harvard should disregard the "American imperialists" who are "taking the lead in Chamberlain's anti-Soviet schemes." America must not accept the "pro-war hysteria" which aims to turn her against Russia.

In form and substance, the YCL statement shows that its primary concern is with Russia's welfare, not America's. The Communists want us to stay out of war, not so much to help ourselves as to spare Russia.

The YCL winds up with the desirable proposition that we keep out of war. However, America must base her reasons for keeping out on more solid ground than this manifesto. Enno Hobbing '40.

(Ed. note: Mr. Hobbing is President of the Harvard Guardian, a magarine of the Social Sciences.)