Simone Simon Has No Time for Love; Star Sees Little of City, Only Theatre

Would Like to Visit Harvard but Is Far Too Busy Rehearsing Between Shows

"I'm too busy for love," pouted little Simone Simon yesterday in her dressing room after the matinee. "Naturally I would like to go out with many people, but I just haven't got the time."

The petite and sparkling star of "Three After Three" said that she'd been rehearsing in all her spare time since coming to Boston. "We opened in New Haven, and after every show we were kept up re-doing scenes until 5:30 in the morning."

Asked whether she still had any difficulty in speaking English, vivacious Simone exclaimed: "Oh, yes! It is terribly hard for me to speak English all the time. When I am on the stage I have trouble because I often accent the wrong words. I think in French, you see, and try to express the same feelings in English, and sometimes I emphasize the wrong thing. I am so glad when I find someone who can talk to me in French.

"The life of an actress is not an easy one at all. Lots of folks think we have no work to do, but I have been kept on the run so much that I haven't even had time to see any of Boston. It's much quieter than New York, though, and I like it a lot.

"I would give anything to be able to come over and visit Harvard," she continued. "Isn't it silly that I-haven't got the time? But it's true. The next time I'm in Boston I want to visit the whole University."

The young actress hurried on the stage, where were gathered Mitzi Green and Mary Brian, along with the leading members of the cast of the Harvard Dramatic Club.