First Floor Plan of Littauer Public Administration Center Reveals Large Auditorium, Reading Rooms, And Offices


As the builders put the finishing touches to the Littauer School of Public Administration, the final plans are being concluded for the beginning of the regular seminars on Monday when the building will be opened for regular use. The first floor of the building contains the administrative offices and the large auditorium and lecture room in the west wing, while library and reading rooms are in the cast wing.

The L-shaped reading room has been made so it can be converted into a hallway and offices if the occasion should arise. In the reading room there is a stairway which is the only access to the stacks and cubicles on the ground floor. Below this there is a sub-basement and basement which are both filled with stacks, reached by the same stairway.

The mezzanine floor holds the departmental offices of Government and Economics. Then above this, there is a floor devoted to offices and seminar rooms. These rooms are going to be so arranged that all the work connected with any one particular course will be done in one place. The offices of the leaders of these seminars will be placed directly opposite each room.

The fourth floor is devoted principally to a special large and a small seminar room, with a luxurious lounge between them. This lounge is to be specifically stocked with reading material and will be the scene of any larger seminars and meetings besides being a common room. The remainder of the space is taken up with offices.