Crimson Matmen Heavy Choice to Overthrow Quakers Today Despite Absence of Richardson, Star 145-Pound Grappler

Harvard Defeated Navy, Lions, Victors Over Penn Team In Earlier Meets

In Philadelphia, the wrestlers meet the Pennsylvania team this afternoon. If comparative scores mean anything, the Crimson grapplers should return with a decisive victory under their belts.

The Quakers have met defeat at the hands of Columbia and have been blanked by Navy, putting them behind the Harvard team which won from Columbia and scored 7 1/2 points against the Middies. Last year the Crimson was also the favorite for the contest but emerged beaten. However, there is little chance for a recurrence of such an upset this year.

Only the absence of Bruce Richardson, who was still unable to wrestle this week, weakens the team, but he is being replaced by Art Page, a clever wrestler, who should make the 145 pound battle close when he meets Dick Heilbron.

Captain Harvey Ross enters his match a decided favorite. Ross wrestled to a draw against his Navy opponent who in turn pinned Penn's Joe Sataloff. Still Ross is not likely to pin his opponent. "Chief" Boston is another man entering his match heavily favored over his opponent, and he stands a good chance of felling Bob Wolf. Boston's brand of hard, aggressive wrestling has left him undefeated so far this season.

Facing Lowrie Stephenson of the Quakers, Bill Daughaday is practically certain of winning in the 165 pound class. His speed and ease in wrestling have already slated him as one of the top wrestlers in his class for this part of the country. Likewise Duncan Longcope is favored at 175 if for no other reason, for his quick self-adaptation to varsity wrestling which, he has accomplished in the last few weeks. Be is now one of the fastest grapplers on the team.