Petitions Close Friday for Second Class Election Nominees for Secretary, Class, Class Day Committees

The final list of the nominees for the first election of senior class officers was completed last night with the addition of the names submitted. Four more men were put up for election for Class Marshal, one for treasurer, two for Class Poet, and one each for Odist and Chorister.

Charles L. Burwell, Edward L. Cherbonnier, J. Donald Enterline, and Robert E. Lane were the seniors nominated for the Class Marshal post. The additional name put up for Class Treasurer was Forest W. Stearns.

Two More For Post

Two men were named by petition for the position of Class Post: Robert W. Anderson, and Richard M. Noyes, Chaloner B. Slade was nominated for Class Chorister, and William H. Sleeper was slated for Class Odist.

The Junior album committee saw a change last week as Samuel W. White, Jr. removed his name from the list. This leaves in the running: John ML Atherton, Arthur Cantor, Paul W. Cheringten, William H. Daughaday, John L. Donnell, Benjamin G. Ferris, Jr., Vinton Freedley, Jr., Tudor Gardiner, Langdon B. Gilkey, Robert J. Glaser, Enno R. Hobbing, Phil C. Neal, Lawrence I. Radway, Alan L. Snyder, and Donald Thurber.


Theodore L. Hazlett, Jr. '40 has also announced that nominating petitions for the second senior class election must be in the hands of the committee by Friday. The officers elected at the second election are the Permanent Secretary, the Class Day Committee, and the Permanent Class Committee.