Ulen's Cloud Brings Crimson Lining As Natators Defeat Columbia 41-34

'42 Swimmers Swamped 49-17 By Exeter; Skinner Sets Breastroke Mark

Competing in the slow Columbia pool, a cold-ridden Crimson squad defeated the New Yorkers Saturday in a meet that was not s close as the 41-34 score might indicate. The 1942 swimmers were given a severe drubbing by a crack Exeter team, 49 to 17, as the schoolboys took every first, four seconds, and both relays.

The Varsity's affair started sensationally, with Columbia's Finnerty, Callahan, and Fox out-pulling Art Bosworth, Jack Waldron, and Him Curwen--Harvard's best medley relay combination. Bossie, supposed to be home with a cold, gained a body-length over Finnerty, but Captain Callahan did has breastroke 100 in around 1:04 to pile up a huge lead over Waldron, another sick-list swimmer. Curwen was faced with the prospect of overcoming a deficit of almost one lap in the free-style leg, but Coach Ulen signaled him to ease up. The time, 3:04.8, was excellent for the Columbia pool.

Curwen managed to win the century in the surprisingly slow time of 56 flat, while Vergeichik and Harvard' Powers almost swam a dead heat for second, the Lion natator getting the decision. The explanation of Curwen's slow time is that his arm was caught around a lane-marker. Bosworth's 1:43.3 in the 150-yard dorsal event was fast in view of his dubious health, Tom Finnerty barely came in ahead of Craig Moore for second.

Max Kraus took second in the breast stroke behind Callahan, who triumphed in 2:20.4 Eric Cutler and Ed Hewitt placed first and second in the quartermile to give the Crimson the meet with- out too much exertion. Ulen swam Powers, Griffin, Goldwasser and Harley Stowell in the relay, but the Crimson team was just out-touched by the Columbia quartet in spite of Harley's fine anchor leg.

The House of Ulen has been doing well competitively; Hal's swimmers beat the Lions; eldest son Fred won the 50-yard dash in the quad meet in 5.6 seconds and younger son Don took a snappy 50 in the Swimming Carnival race for faculty progeny . . . Jim skinner, of Exeter, swam a 1:02.6 century breastroke against the Yardlings for a new world's record