Student Council Recommends That New House Be Erected

Report Preliminary to Broader Investigation of Problem to Be Made This Year

Recommending the construction of a new House as the only "real and permanent" solution to the problem offered by the annual overflow of undergraduates who cannot be accommodated in the Houses, the Student Council last night urged as immediate remedial measures the adoption of the Yale plan of guaranteeing Juniors and Seniors admission to the Houses, an "associate member" plan, and the provision of adequate intramural facilities for the remaining out-of-House men.

The Council restricted itself to the overflow problem, and will investigate the whole question of admissions to the Houses later this year.

Urges Intermediary Step

In view of the "two to two and one half million dollars" necessary for building a new House, the Council recommended as an "intermediary" measure the provision of a dining hall, library, and common room for the 260 men annually denied rooms in the Houses.

Of this plan the Council report said, "It should be emphasized, however, that such a unit could never take the place of a new House."

In stressing the "associate plan" as an immediate need and as a necessary complement to the establishment of the Yale Junior-Senior guarantee plan, the Council pointed out that although only 84 men could feasibly be accommodated as associate members in the Houses, it regarded this plan as a valuable step. In a questionnaire sent out by the Council, a large majority of the out-of-House men indicated their approval of associate House memberships.

The report maintained that the Houses are physically capable of taking at the very least 12 associate members apiece, having full House privileges, and held that "the only way that it can be definitely decided whether the Associate Plan will or will not work is to try it."

The Council also went on record as saying that "the college has almost a moral obligation to its students to accommodate them at least under conditions similar to those afforded, by the Houses."