Boston, Harkness Give Exhibition Wrestling Match

Two Champions Show Skill In Fights For University Matmen's Titles

As special event in the final bouts for the University wrestling championships, Chief Boston put on a shifty, rapid exhibition match with John Harkness, last year's captain and holder of last year's national title in the 175 pound class.

Both contenders were in their best form and used every hold in their wrestling vocabulary. Harkness showed that quick deftness which caused the critics to name him the third best wrestler in the country last year. He kept Boston running with a series of well executed switches.

Boston, so far undefeated this year, almost threw Harkness with a fireman's lift. Though both matmen used every kind of twist and turn, neither was able to pinion the other. The fighting was fast for any kind of match, and for an exhibition it was unsurpassed.

In the championship finals, Louis Ach defeated Alee Early in the 121 pound class by a fall in 3 minutes and 22 seconds, won the 128 pound title by a decision over Jim Redman, and nabbed the 130 pound title by defeating Early a second time, by decision. In the 145 pound class Ray Stone threw Art Kincade in eight minutes and 34 seconds.

Henry Kidder was defeated by Dick Thomas by decision for the 155 pound championship. Joe Hartman defeated Sherman Hoar by decision for the 165 pound title. In the 175 pound class Ed Babcox defeated George Gregory by a fall in four minutes. Dick Reed won the unlimited class title by throwing Rick Hedblom in four minutes and 28 seconds.