Speakers to Meet March 21 in Holden Chapel for Semi-Finals: Ten Will Be Selected for Finals

Sixteen men were selected from the thirty entrants in the Lee Wade and Boylston speaking competition to enter the semi-final round. The preliminaries were held in Paine Music Hall at four o'clock yesterday afternoon.

In the absence of Robert S. Hillyer, Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, Frederick C. Packard, Jr., assistant professor of Public Speaking officiated. The three judges were: Robert W. Coues, instructor in English: Packard; and Robert F. Young, instructor in Public Speaking.

Five Minute Speeches

Each entrant was required to deliver a five minute selection that he had committed to memory. The sixteen selected for the finals were: Stanley O. Beren '41, Howard C. Blackwell, Jr. '39, John B. Fisher '41, Edward G. Greenberg '41, Ralph Harris, Jr. '39 Harry R. Harwood, Jr. '39, Leou Lipson '41, Sanford M. Marshall '41, Jonas M. Muller '40, Howard Nemeror '41, David Park '41, James J. Faitee Jr. '41, Bernard Rivin '40, Robert H. Ryan '41, John R. Whittler '39, and Dowey K. Ziegler '41.