Karpovich Holds Hope for Bohemia's Future; Sees Trouble Ahead for Hitler; Potter Deplores Revival of German Sway

Extension of Germanic Influence to Former Lands Noted by History Professor

"Moravia and Bohemia are swinging back into the German orbit, probably for a long period of time," commented John M. Potter '26, assistant professor of History and Literature on Hitler's latest move. "In one brief year the bases of the Holy Roman Empire, Saxony, Austria, and Bohemia have swung back under German sway, but what the eventual outcome will be it is now impossible accurately to say.

"Only one thing is clear," Potter continued, "that Bohemia as an entity with an individual culture is gone." Attacking the question from the historical angle Potter showed that it was originally under Germanic influence but that it had evolved a culture of its own which had developed on strongly anti-German lines. The Czech attitude in the September crisis is an indication of their stubborn character but now that stubbornness seems useless.

Hitler Will Absorb Province

In predicting the future Potter felt that it was impossible for any one to make an accurate forecast.

As for Hitler's actual future policy as a result of this move, two plausible paths appeared to Potter. Either he is filling out his Southeastern boundary and protecting his rear preparatory to a move to the West towards Denmark and Holland, or he is continuing his move to the East and expanding the German Empire to include control of the Danube basin countries as outlined in "Mein Kampf."