N.Y.U. Dean Will Give Chief Address at First Organized Labor Conference to Be Held at University

More than 200 Massachusetts school and college teachers will be the guests of the Cambridge Union of University Teachers on Saturday at the third annual conference of the Massachusetts branch of the American Federation of Teachers.

This is the first time that Harvard has been the scene of an organized labor conference although proceedings will be open not only to union members, but to all teachers and "all interested in the problems of teachers."

Ned H. Dearborn, Dean of the Division of General Education at N.Y.U., will deliver the principal address on "Democracy in School Administration."

Highlighted at the meeting will be a showing of the famous University of Iowa movies, which reveal a striking difference in the behaviour of school children under experimentally controlled conditions of democracy and autocratic dictatorship. Kurt Lewin of Iowa, visiting lecture on Dynamic Psychology, will show and discuss the films.

One of the chief aims of the conference is to enable secondary school and college teachers to exchange views on their respective problems, and to emphasize their mutual interests.

A series of round-table discussions will be held Saturday afternoon, parts of which, as well as Dearborn's speech, will probably be broadcast over WEEI. Gordon W. Allport '19, associate professor of Psychology and chairman of the department, will lead a discussion on "Propaganda in the Schools."