Tutoring Schools Claim Three Fourths of Upperclassmen, Poll Shows; Yard Figure Is Lower

Average Ranking of Students Who Patronize Schools Trifle Above College Norm

Tabulation of the CRIMSON poll on students' tutoring activities in the Square reveals that 75 per cent of the upperclassmen in college use tutoring schools.

This figure was compiled from the joint returns from the Houses, commuters, and those living in boarding houses. The 75 per cent figure is almost ten per cent higher than the number of Freshmen who have used the tutoring schools during their first year.

Of those who commute 68 per cent use the schools; 77 per cent of those living in Houses have done some sort of tutoring, and 98 per cent who live in Cambridge private houses have used the schools.

Average Expenditure $18

The average annual expenditure of the entire upperclass student body is $18.00; this would bring up the average expenditure of tutoring aid to $72.00 for each undergraduate during his four year college course.


Those living in boarding houses spend an average of $40.00 a year, according to the poll returns. The average expenditure in the House is about the same as the upperclassmen as a whole, $18.00. The average annual amount spent by commuters for tutoring services is $13.00.

Scholarship Students Tutor

Of the entire upperclass group who tutor, 22 per cent received scholarships or hold outside jobs, 3 per cent lower than the Freshmen who tutor, received through the Student Employment Office. 29 per cent of the commuters who tutor hold scholarships, 12 per cent of those who live in boarding houses and who tutor receive scholarships.

The average ranking of the upperclassmen who tutor is above the college average. Those who tutor rank slightly higher than Group IV.

As for background, the poll revealed no great difference from University Hall estimates. About 78 per cent of the tutoring upperclassmen come from an urban center, and about 65 per cent prepared at a private secondary school.