First Eleven Tallies Three Touchdowns With Captain Contributing Two; Brown Scores for B

Green as the Varsity eleven may be on paper, they should be well grounded in contact work when the season opens. Yesterday's one hour scrimmage was the ninth of the year and the fourth consecutive session this week.

Observers can't recall when Dick Harlow has scrimmaged his first two teams so often or strenuously, but then, too, observers can't recall a more inexperienced Varsity squad since Harlow has been at Cambridge. And the fruits of the increased action were more apparent than ever yesterday as the two elevens continued their rapid improvement.

Macdonald Scores Twice

With each team holding the ball for periods of ten plays, the A scored three times to once for the B. Again it was Torbie Macdonald who carried off carrying honors. Not only did Torbie cross the touchdown stripe for two of the first team's tallies, but he also ripped off most of the yardage leading up to scoring position.

The third first team touchdown came on a pass from Macdonald's sub, Fran Lee, to Joe Gardella. For all three conversions, it was Charlie Spreyer who did the kicking, and successfully, too. In fact Spreyer figured considerably in the A attack, alternating with the tailback in slashing the reserve line.

It was Bill Brown in the B backfield who bore the brunt of the shock troops' sole successful sally. Following a 17-yard dash, Brown carried again in from the 11 for the score. Frazier Curtis place-kicked for the extra point.

Defensive highlight of the afternoon was the work of Tom Healey, Loren McKinney, and Moses Hailett. McKinney, who has been out for the past few days with an injury, returned to action with a bang, stemming A team sweeps at his end and nailing without gain the safety man receiving punts.

Because of his consistently good work in C and D scrimmages, Tudor Gardiner was moved up to A team guard for the afternoon, teaming with Ernie Sargeant. This doesn't change, however, Harlow's rating of Lowry and Hallett as the top guards.

The A team: Downing l.e., Miller l.t., Gardiner l.g., Ayres c., Sargeant r.g., Healey r.t., Kelly r.e., Coleman q.b., Macdonald (Lee) h.b., Gardella h.b., Spreyer f.b.

The B team: Vander Eb (McKinney) l.e., O'Loughlin l.t., Lowry (Peabody) l.g., Grover C., Hallett r.g., Gardiner r.t., Haydock r.e., Lyman (Curtis) q.b., Buckley h.b., Summers h.b., Brown (James) f.b