Radcliffe Series Beginning January 23 Under Sponsorship of The League of Women Voters

Radcliffe will be host to the School of Polities on Foreign Affairs at a three day lecture session beginning January 28, under the auspices of Radcliffe College and the Massachusetts League of Women Voters.

The program of the School is arranged chronologically. The sessions of the first day will review the past, under the general topic "From the Versailles Treaty to the Second World War." The second day, with the thems "The World in Conflict," and the third day, with the session entitled "Reconstruction," will complete the series.

Fay, Emerson to Speak

Among Harvard faculty members who will address the Agassiz House audience next week are Sidney B. Fay, professor of History, J. A. C. Auer, Parkman Professor of Theology, and Rupert Emerson, associate professor of Government.

Dr. Paul Sweeaay, instructor in Economics, will also be among the speakers as will Gaetano Salveiniai, Lauro de Bosis Lecturer on the History of Italian Civilization, and George Lanyi graduate student in Government.

Professor Flay will discuss the Versailles Treaty in the opening address of the School.