Deans Request All Instructors to Be Alert for Reading Period Answers Obviously Tutored

An attack was issued by the Dean's Office against users of tutoring notes for violating the "integrity" of the reading period in a statement yesterday.

"The use of notes or reviews covering reading period assignments is especially objectionable," the Dean's Office said. The statement from University Hall went on to say that the Dean's Office has requested "vigilance" by instructors correcting examinations in order to detect any tutoring by students.

"The aim of the reading period is to allow a term when students, free from college engagements, may work by themselves on optional readings, topics, or other projects which are suggested by instructors and tutors.

"Such periods are designed to put a man on his own resources and to stimulate original effort. The presentation of material in predigested form thus defeats the very purpose of the reading periods," the Dean's Office said.

"The only way to guard against this abuse is vigilance on the part of instructors and the careful investigation of any cases where the internal evidence on examination books, such as similarity in outline, Illustrations and form of presentation, indicates that the students has depended too heavily on outside help," the Dean's Office stated.

This is the second attack on tutoring schools that has come from University Hall during the past week. Previously, the Dean's Office has pointed out the futility and educational harms caused by tutoring.