Sedgwick, Local Head of White Committee, to Talk

With the publication of the first number of a bi-weekly newspaper this morning and the scheduling of the first of a series of talks on the problem of defense, for tomorrow night, the Student Defense League swings into high gear as the most articulate college pressure group.

In the lead article of the League newspaper "Defense," Wingate Green '41, president of the organization, clarifies the League's stand on intervention saying. "Though our hopes and prayers are for peace and our emphasis is on American preparedness, we are aware (not decided) that 'defense' may in the end mean war."

The paper is mainly devoted to clarifying the league's policy and includes articles on the military training poll postponed until tomorrow and the work of organizing in other colleges. In addition, it carries feature articles on aspects of defense by Carl J. Friedrich, professor of Government. Edgar Mowrer, Chicago Daily News correspondent. Alan Gottlieb '42, former president of the Student Union, and Hans Undset '43, recently arrived refugee from Norway.

Policy Clarified

The publication of the paper marks the coming of age of the League and the end of the debate over policy. The front new presented is more moderate than indicated at early meetings, following very closely the pattern of the William Allen White Committee.

In fact the first meeting tomorrow night in Emerson D at 8 o'clock will be addressed by R. Minturn Sedgwick, Boston director of the Committee to Defend America. External cooperation is also being given by the faculty Defense Group, whose aims, while less clear cut, are nevertheless along the exact lines of the Defense League.

A major problem in the life of the new paper is finance. As yet no funds except the dollar joining fee have been collected. With the advertising prospects not too good, it will depend largely on voluntary backing for its life. However, with the strength of the groups backing it, it does not seem likely that the paper will be still-born.