Freshmen Will Take Associations Test

First Reactions to Slides to Be Recorded by Students

Tests to determine how quickly Freshmen think and who will need special speed-up training will be held at four o'clock today in Emerson D, according to a circular sent out by Stanley Salmen, Secretary of the Board of Freshman Advisers, to all Freshmen.

The examinations, known as association tests, will consist of a series of timed slides exposed to the eye for only short spaces of time. Students will quickly put down on paper the first thing that occurs to their minds.

Participation in the examination is voluntary, and the letter urged that no student let it interfere with other academic appointments. The results will not be a part of the official record.

The information obtained "will be of considerable value, in advising future classes," according to the letter. Salmen urged all those who intend to take the test to be prompt so that the timing of the slides will not be confused.