Bingham Reports Growth Of Athletic Endowment

Athletic Director Hill Bingham took hie stand firmly behind Ogden Miller of Yale University yesterday asserting that in the future Harvard would strive to schedule schools "whose educational and athletic standards are similar to our own."

Refuting recent charges that Ivy League football will eventually die a slow death unless it resorts to outright subsidization, Bingham went on to emphasize that after 1942 the Crimson football calendar will include only those teams that play a "brand of football free from any subsidization."

Booked Until 1943

He explained that the Crimson football agenda for the 1941 and 1942 seasons has been made up ever since 1937. This long range method of booking games is being discontinued, however, and the 1943 schedule, like these succeeding it, will be arranged only a year and a half in advance.

"I'd hate to be confronted by any parent and have to admit that his boy had been kept on the bench throughout a game because somebody with an athletic scholarship could play the position better than he," Bingham commented in explaining his views on professionalized athletics.

H.A.A. Fund Reaches $400,000

He went on to point out that the athletic endowment fund started in 1935 would eventually do away with the crux of the whole problem of "bigtime" football--gate receipts. This fund, which is being swelled every year through gifts by the University and alumni and by H.A.A. surpluses, has in five years passed the $400,000 mark and already yields $13,000 annually in interest.