Wendell Willkie Forges to Early Lead in Presidential Balloting

Leads President in Eliot, Lowell; Trails by Four Votes in Kirkland

Pilling up substantial margins in two Houses, Wendell L. Willkie forged into an early lead as the first returns of the CRIMSON's presidential poll filtered in.

The Hoosier utility man led F.D.R. 113 to 81 in Lowell House and 103 to 79 in Eliot, but the President held a narrow four-vote margin in Kirkland, 81 to 77. Norman Thomas ran a consistently poor third, while Langdon P. Marvin Jr. '41 found himself the choice of one enthusiastic Deacon and an optimistic Bunny.

Polling of the Law School will occur today, and the Dudley Commuters are to be repelled because of incomplete returns. Postcards have been sent to the faculty in order to obtain their votes, which should make make it several days before the results are final.