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News from the Houses



The Gold Coasters opened the University's straw vote season yesterday with a trial poll, sponsored by the House Committee. Wendell Willkie, Republican nominee for President, finished first by the margin of 110 to 93, or 51.4 per cent to 43.4 per cent for Roosevelt. Norman thomas, Socialist candidate, received 3.75 per cent of the total vote with eight ballots, and Roger Babson and Charles A. Lindbergh both received votes. Over 80 per cent of the House participated in the poll.

New members of Adams received a warm welcome Monday night in the form of a small beer party in the House Common Room. Dr. David M. Little, Housemaster; Professor Raphael Demos, head tutor; and Robert A. James '41, chairman of the House Committee spoke briefly, and Floyd Stahl, assistant coach of the football team, showed movies of last years' games.


A House dinner welcomed the new Funsters last Wednesday evening. Professor C. H. Haring, Housemaster; Harry K. Mansfield '41, chairman of the House Committee; William J. Underwood '41, athletic secretary and Ed McCall, coach of the House football team, spoke.

The Stradivarius Quartet will give its first concert in the University this year in the Dunster dining hall on Thursday evening.


Richard W. Palmer '42 will head the committee for the first Elephant dance of the year this Saturday night after the Michigan game. Chappie Arnold, a regular star of Dartmouth Carnivals and a veteran of Smith, Amherst; and Williams weekends will provide the music. Other committeemen, include William H. Young, Jr. '42, John A. Ordway 2nd '42, Joshua B. Burnette '41, and Homer C. Wick, Jr. '41.


Dr. A. E. Monroe, acting Housemaster; and W. Donald McSweeney, House Committee chairman, acted as greeters for the new Sophomores at the first House meeting last Wednesday. Richard S. Lane '41 spoke on the "Deacons' Testament", Thomas F. McGann, Jr. '41 on the dances, and E. M. Moffat, Jr. '41 on the House Dramatic Club.


Stressing the opportunities for taking part in House activities in Leverett, David D. Henry '41, House Committee chairman, and the chairmen of the various activities outlined plans for the year to the Sophomores in the House at a meeting last week. The Bunny Glee Club, pride of the House, received particular attention as it is the only regular organization of its kind in the House system.


The Bellboys, under the chairmanship of Elmor Taylor '42, staged the first dance of the year Saturday night with music provided by a victrola. More than 65 couples paid their way in.

Nelson R. Gidding '41, owns the University's largest collection of Scotch plaid ties, with an assortment of 260 varieties. Noted as an expert on many Scotch products, Gidding can tell a Hunting Fraser from a Dress Campbell at a glance. He as also known as one of the College's talented young writers.


A House Smoker is on the Winthrop House roster for this Thursday night. Homer Peabody '41 is arranging a liberal distribution of beer in the old Puritan tradition, and he plans to show both humorous and athletic movies.

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