Adams Crushes Bunnies, 13-0 Eliot Wins From Deacons

Adding one victory to their previously narrow lead in the House series, the Gold Coasters trounced the Bunnies, 13-0, yesterday, while Winthrop, a close second, was held by the Commuters to a 0-0 tie. In a third game, Eliot defeated Kirkland 7-6.

Adams' first tally was set up in the first period by a pass from Bobby James to Walt Jenkins on the ten-yard line. James scored the touchdown on an off-tackle smash. The second score was made in the last ten seconds of play. Parkie Pitts intercepted a Leverett pass on the Bunny 30-yard line, and lateraled to "Cully" Culliton, who scampered 35 yards to score. A James-to-Healy pass made the conversion.

Considering the power of their opposition, the Leverett team played well. Bob Fleming starred in the backfield, while Jim Hawkes and Bill Healy were the maintays in the line.

The Winthrop defeat was caused by "just plain bad luck, more than anything else," according to one squad member. The Puritans made eight or ten first downs to the Commuters' two and they scored one touchdown and a safety, both of which were called on penalties.

In the third game of the afternoon, Eliot edged out Kirkland 7-6, in one of the closest battles of the series. Eliot concentrated her attack into the second quarter, when she invaded the Deacons' territory for the only time in the game. A series of short passes brought the ball down to the 10-yard line, where a Lloyd-to-Snyder forward sent it over. Brud made the conversion.

Except for this Elephant sally, the Deacons had the upper hand the whole game. But the Eliot line held up to the last few minutes of the game. Then Kirkland made a desperate drive, and reached pay dirt with seven seconds left to play. The place kick failed.