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Late returns in the CRIMSON's presidential poll last night found Wendell Willkie still well out in front of President Roosevelt, with a majority of 640. This was a ten-ballot increase over his 630 lead of Friday night. The final score: Willkie 234b, Roosevelt 1705, Thomas 177, Browder 50.

The final ballots from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences showed a reversal of the previous Republican leaning, with a 283 to 274 majority for F.D.R. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences also went Democratic, 185 to 148. All other groups except the Commuters and Kirkland House maintained a secure seat on the Willkie bandwagon.

The vote of the Business School Faculty, which was not recorded in Friday's count, had much to do with the maintaining of W.W.'s majority, as it was 56 for Willkie and two for the former CRIMSON president. Belated Freshman ballots contributed to Roosevelt strength, however.

A division of the University into the three groups of College, Graduate Schools, and Faculties shows that Willkie has the closest competition in the Faculty group--335 out of 623 ballots were cast for him. In the College the Republican total was 1150 out of 1984 votes, and in the Graduate Schools 860 out of 1443.

Norman Thomas gained 70 votes in the late balloting, bringing his total in the University to 177. A substantial block of these votes came from the Faculty and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Browder's backing rose to 50 on the strength of support from the same groups.

The Freshmen were most productive of dark horses, but Leverett House achieved the largest total for any one of the unlisted candidates, giving 10 votes to Roger W. Babson as a hangover from the resent whirlwind ballot-battle of Prohibitionist. Henry H. Morgan '41 Babson's total in the entire University was 27.

Others who figured in the results were: Yardling football captain Brockway, five votes; Yahoodi, Mickey Sullivan, and Mrs. Willkic, three votes each; Herbert Hoover and Langdon P. Marvin, Jr. '41, two votes each.

Included among those receiving a total of one ballot were: John W. Aiken (Socialist-Labor), Tallulah Bankhead, Nicholas Murray Butler, R. W. Grover, Tom Harmon, Margie Hart, and A. Hitler.

A complete tabulation of all votes cast will be found on page four.

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