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Declaring that they are "going to take the gloves off and flight it out with the militarists," the newly organized. Harvard Committee Against Military Intervention yesterday elected William Tudor Gardiner, Jr. 1L, son of the former Governor of Maine, as its chairman for the coming year.

The committee reported that its antiwar petition, now being circulated throughout the University, is meeting with an enthusiastic response from undergraduates and graduates alike and that several hundred names already have been obtained.

Ask Kennedy to Speak

The petition is addressed to former Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, and invites him to come to Harvard to speak as a part of his campaign "to help the President keep the country out of war."

"We the undersigned, students and faculty of Harvard," it begins, "strongly oppose entrance into the war. We approve all material aid to Britain compatible with this policy of non-intervention, and support the creation of an impregnable defense of the western hemisphere.

In addition to Gardiner, the Committee includes Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., son of the ex-Ambassador Langdon P. Marvin, Jr. '41, godson of President Roosevelt; Alan Gottlieb '41, President of the Harvard Liberal Union; six members of the Harvard Student Council; and representatives of all undergraduate publications.

Advisory Committee Formed

The advisory committee of the group will consist of 2 members from each of the Houses, and is headed by Paul Hoover 2G.

Faculty members who were among those who first signed the petition include Kirtley Mather, Professor of Geology, and William Ernest Hocking '01, professor of Philosophy.

The committee announced that a public meeting, featuring a prominent speaker. Will be held shortly after the end of Christmas recess.

A drive for new members for the organizations, to be conducted in the Houses and in the Union, is planned for the near future, it was announced by David Eichler 2G, member of the groups advisory committee.

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