Circulation Board Of '44 Red Book Chosen

Register to Appear Shortly, Has Over Nine Hundred Photographs

Freshman Redbook organization took another step toward completion last night with the election of Edwin G. Sommer, Jr. '44. to the post of circulation manager, and the selection of a circulation board.

Chosen for the staff were the following Freshmen: Lucien R. Blackmer, Julian Crocker, Alexander L. Jackson 3rd, Albert C. Kelley, S. Donald Kussell, Richmond D. Moot, Jr., John Pickering, Jr., and Joseph D. Tekulsky.

As a result of the recent subscription drive for sales of the Register and Redbook, 670 copies have been sold. Last Tuesday was the final day both volumes could be purchased together.

Register Ready Soon

The Register, which includes the photographs of 961 Yardlings and 30 proctors, is scheduled to make its appearance in the next two weeks.

Essentially, the book follows the pattern of past with two innovations. Interspersed among the advertisements are eight boxes intended to familiarize the Freshmen with their classmates' activities. Fall sports summaries, Union Committee members, and Dance Committee members are included.

Secondly, the customary letter from the editor to introduce the volume has been changed into an informal introduction explaining the book and reviewing the Freshman year to date.