Injuries and Grades Keep First-String Men Out

With two first line men on probation and a third out with a bum shoulder, it looks as though the grapplers may have a tough time beating the Techmen in the season opener this afternoon.

Captain Bruce Richardson and Tom Lacy are ineligible and at least until mid-years their posts will have to be taken by second-stringers. Jimmy Redman, who held the 136-pound spot last year, is out for the present with injuries.

There are capable substitutes ready to take over in the vacated posts, however. Sophomore Jim Biggins edged out Harrison Blaine for the 136-pound class, and Ray Stone and Dick Aldrich, both veterans of several Varsity matches, will replace Richardson and Lacy in the 145 and 175-pound classes respectively.

Veteran Ted Schoenberg, of the 128-pound class, a letterman of two years standing, will probably turn in the best performance this afternoon, with 155-pound Dick Thomas, another letterman, a close accord. Johnny Burnham and Tom Rogsiad, two of last year's numeral winners, will contend in the 121 and unlimited classes, while Senior Dick Davidson will grapple in the 165-pound spot.

As this is the opening match for both teams, it is hard to make any prediction but it is known that the Engineers have an unusually strong squad this year, and will surely do better than their 33-3 defeat of last season. 175-pound John Carloton, only Techman to win his bout last year, will be the chief threat this afternoon.

The Yardlings, also facing their first match with Tech this afternoon, are still pretty much an unknown quantity, but look fairly strong after ten days of intensive practice under Freshman Coach Boston.

Both matches will be held at 3:00 o'clock in the Indoor Athletic Building.