Bennett or Nassan for President Is Executive Committee's Choice

David P. Bennett '42 and Robert G. Nassan '42 were nominated yesterday afternoon for the presidency of next year's Student Union. During a meeting of the executive members of the organization, the Nominating Committee announced the choices.

At the session, the Executive Committee called a meeting for Monday evening in the Kirkland House Common Room to elect next year's officers and to choose delegates to be sent to the national convention which will be held in New York City during Christmas vacation.

Bennett and Nassau represent the official selections of the Executive Committee. Additional nominations, however, can be made from the floor Monday's meeting. Positions of Secretary, treasurer, and members of the Executive Committee will also be field at that time.

Bennett Active in Peace Work

Bennett has been prominent in H.S.U. activities for two years. He was director of the peace rally last April and now is chairman of the Winthrop House committee of the H.S.U. He was also one of the chief organizers of last night's demonstration of the Committee for Militant Peace Action and addressed the peace sympathizers at Brattle Hall.

Nassau is a member of the present Executive Committee and last season was chairman of the Labor Committee which was active in union organization.

Both nominees agree on the basic policies of the H.S.U., leaving the election a question of individuals and their abilities instead of issues as has usually been the case.