"Open House" Brings 500 Alumni For Reunion at University Today

Big Program Planned Including Speeches, Movies and Dinner

Taking advantage of the university's special "open house." more than 500 alumni will invade the college today to observe Harvard at work, and to discuss problems of national defense.

A strenuous program has been outlined for the alumni, beginning at 9:00 o'clock with registration in the Faculty Room of University Hall, and ending with a dinner at the Harvard Club in the evening.

To Visit Classes

After registration, whom they will receive badges admitting them to the various activities of the day, the returning graduates will spend the morning visiting classes and laboratories, and viewing movies of the Harvard-Yale football game. Some of the classes that the alumni have been invited to attend are those in the Law School on Property and International Law; in the college on Anthropology, Music and Government, and in the Engineering School on Physics and Engineering Science.

Richard C. Harlow, Harvard football coach, will show the movies of the recent Harvard-Yale game at 11:00 o'clock in the Institute of Geographical Exploration. He will explain the team play while the movies are being shown.

Lunch in the college dining halls is next on the agenda, and the Houses, the Union, and the Business and Medical Schools have opened their doors wide for the incoming alumni. Before eating, there will be a general assembly in the Faculty Room.

Symposium in Afternoon

A major event of the day will be the symposium on "The Relation of the United States to World Affairs," in the New Lecture Hall at 2:30 o'clock. Broadcast over a national hookup, the symposium will include speeches by Samuel H. Cross '12, professor of Slavic Languages and Literature, William Y. Eliot, professor of Government, and Bruce C. Hopper '18, associate professor of Government. Dr. Roger I. Lee '02, member of the Harvard Corporation, will preside at the meeting.

After the conference, members of the university and their families have been invited to attend a special musical program at the Memorial Church. The Harvard Glee Club will sing, under the direction of G. Wallace Woodworth, professor of Music.

At 6:30 o'clock, the alumni will adjourn to the Harvard Club of Boston for dinner, and for the climax of the day, Governor Leverett Saltonstall '14, President of the Alumni Association, will speak. He is to be followed by Robert P. Patterson, Assistant Secretary of War, and the meeting will end with a speech by President Conant.