Suggest Four Main Reforms Including Intelligence

Livelier conversation, more interest in art, more intelligence, and more tweeds are four suggestions for the improvement of Harvard men made by typical dates during a Crimson Network "bull session" last night.

The four ladies interviewed were Barbara Ann Paine, Charlotte Davidson, Catherine Allen Dickinson, and Mary Josephs, all of whom claim through experience the right to criticize their Harvard men.

A universal criticism seems to be that Harvard dates are inconsiderate. "They ought to be more gentlemanly-at least some of the time," Barbara Ann Paine, a Boston Deb, complained. "They might also remember," Mary Jo added, "that a shave and a hairent only cost a quarter."

However, of college men in the big three, Crimson escorts scored a decisive triumph. To the question "What do you think of Yale men," one of the girls voiced the opinion of the group with the commentary "Yaaah." Charlotte, had "seen too many Yale men in tennis shorts" to be taken in by their glamor.

The Ritz Bar, the Statler, the Lafayette, the Sheraton, the Ritz Roof, and the Beachcomber were favorite dance and drink spots around the town. The Silver Dollar Bar drew a poor last in popularity.

None of the girls had been out on many dates with Princeton men, but still their impression was none too good, "They spend much more money than Harvard men," was the only favorable comment.

Near the end of the bull session an annoyed "representative of the listening audience" broke into the studio and defended the much-abused Harvard date. He condemned the girls for being too critical.

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