Surprising Victory Ends Undefeated Record of Varsity; Freshmen Also Fall to Exeter

In an unbelievable upset, the Crimson grapplers were nosed out by Columbia to the tune of 15-13 on the Lions' mats Saturday. The defeat was all the more surprising in that it was the first suffered by the team this season.

While Bill Daughaday and Tudor Gardiner mangled their men in the end of the afternoon, their combined ten points didn't give the Crimson enough score to beat the Columbia outfit. The victors' five referee's decisions were enough to let them hold a two point margin. Daughday's man threw in the towel after two minutes of wrestling when he had a shoulder wrenched, and Gardiner flattened his man in 5:40. 5:40.

Schoenberg Wins

Of the six decisions only one went to Harvard, as Ted Schoenberg ran Alfred Marasca ragged in their match in the 121 pound class. For the rest of the afternoon the neds went the other way.

The most completely unpredicted defeat was that of Dick Thomas who was defeated in the 155 pound class by Ted Barber. Thomas found the small mat a decided handicap when he was trying to work his switches which generally go so well. Jimmy Redmon, still suffering slightly from an injured shoulder, forced his man into an overtime at 128 and had him in two near falls but that did not seem to be enough to give him the match.

That same afternoon the Yardling wrestlers lost to Exeter by a 21-13 score. The Freshmen who won their matches were Harvey at 155, Lee Ackerman at 165, and Rogsiadt in the unlimited class.