Crimson Mob Swamps Folies Queen in Mad Publicity Stunt

Dating Bureau, Bachelor's Club Orchestra Are Gathered In South Station

Fifty Harvard men, Stan Brown's Crimsonians, the head of the Yardling Dating Bureau and his assistants, the Bachelors' Club, and a box of roses turned out yesterday afternoon at the South Station to greet the New Haven Express, which bore Mademoiselle Paris of the Folies Bergeres and 60 beautiful girls 60.

This "spontaneous" reception originated in the fertile brain of Ruben Rabinovitz, press agent for the Folies, and everybody connected with the University who wanted a little publicity joined the mad procession.

Cameramen Active

Mademoiselle Paris, in private life Miss Andree Lorrain, stepped off the train into a barrage of cameras and the blare of Brown's swing band (which was almost wholly drowned out by the scream of steam escaping from the locomotive).

While representatives of the Bachelors' Club pushed for a view, a rousing Harvard cheer was given Miss Paris by six lusty publicity agents. The Harvard men present were occupied in dating the chorus girls.

Arthur S. Harris, Jr. '43, head of the Dating Bureau, nearly came to blows over the Folies queen with Peter B. Saltonstall '43 and Paul C. Sheeline '43, who had gotten the jump on their rival by boarding the train at the Back Bay Station and making Andree's acquaintance. Sex reared its ugly head when the photographer posed Andree and Harris in a semi-kiss.

After the first barrage of pictures had flashed, Stan swung out with the "Marseillaise" and the crowd lifted the smiling Parisian to its shoulders and bore her to a nearby chartered bus. Which was jammed with chorus girls and publicity agents together with at least one Harvard man.