Chairman of Committee Asks That All Interested Students and Teachers Send in Cards

Quinby Taylor '41, chairman of the Phillips Brooks House Speaker's Committee, announced yesterday the preparation of a revised list of students and teachers desiring to speak to settlement houses, Y. M. C. A.'s and Boy Scout and church groups.

In connection with this Taylor issued an appeal for all speakers to send in a postcard to Eliot House H-36 with information in answer to nine prepared questions. He explained that even those speakers already registered at Phillips Brooks House should do this, as the information will be supplementary to that already filed.

The nine items which Taylor said the cards should cover are: 1. Name and class; 2. College address; 3. Telephone number; 4. Subject or subjects prepared to talk on, at five days notice; 5. Type of audience preferred (age, size, sex, race, environment, etc.); 6. Number of times desiring to speak during spring term; 7. Nights of week (usually around 8 o'clock) on which it would be impossible to speak; 8. Interest in speaking--whether intense, moderate, or merely experimental; 9. Willingness to speak during the coming college year (to eliminate the necessity of questionnaires again next fall).